Jetpack Joyride Hack – iOS & Android

Jetpack joyride Hack is now available on our site. Using this hack tool you can get unlimited coins and unlock counterfeit machine, the wave rider, S.A.M mystery and sleigh of awesome. You can use this hack tool on both Android and iOS operating system.

Jetpack Joyride Hack

With our Jetpack Joyride Hack, you can get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited coins: You can unlock Coin Booster Pack, Coin Ultimate Pack, Coin Ultra Pack, Coin Mega Pack and Coin Barry Pack using this amazing hack tool for free.
  • Air Barrays: you can unlock Air barrays shoes, which allows you to fly over the obstacles for free.
  • Counterfeit Machine: You can unlock counterfeit machine which makes the character more powerful for free.
  • The Wave Rider: you can unlock the wave rider using this hack tool which boosts up your speed.
  • Sleigh of awesome: is now available again after disappearing from in-app purchases and you can unlock it forever for free.


If you buy the in-app purchases it will cost you around $51 which is a big amount. You can use this money for more valuable purchases other than gaming stuff. To save your precious money, our team has prepared this amazing hack tool, which allows you to unlock all in-app purchases of this game.


Game is released in February 25, 2014 by Halfbrick studios on Google play store and now almost 10million people have downloaded it according to App Brain and rating of the game is 4.4. This is a riding game made by developers of the famous game ‘Fruit ninja’. Hero of the game is wearing a jetpack flying high above the ground and bombing below on the ground simultaneously saving himself from obstacles and hurdles collecting coins and power packs.


It’s an amazing game with high quality graphics and animation. Barry, enters into the secret laboratory and takes control of jetpacks made by devil mind scientist for bad practices. Wearing jetpack barry starts the run and fly above the ground if you touch the screen and moves down on ground when you release it. Initially jetpack is loaded with Machine gun to kill scientists in research laboratory. While running and saving yourself from obstacles you will be collecting coins but you can’t get enough coins to buy what you really need, now that’s the point where our hack tool come into play.

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